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Our Visa Services Dubai Makes Complex Procedures Really Simple

We are one of the leading immigration service providers who are ready to assist you in obtaining a valid visa to UAE. Our immense experience in the visa processing and documentation field is helping us in catering top quality services to our clients. It’s our client centric approach that is forcing people to approach us for all types of visa services. We will carry out a free assessment test in order to check whether a person is eligible to apply for a visa. If you are looking for the best visa services dubai, then just give us a call.

The UAE government is giving all kinds of support for people and companies to do business or work as an employee in the country. As one of the richest countries of the world, many people are interested in visiting Dubai and exploiting the job opportunities. A qualified person will get many types of jobs in the oil country. We will be able to guide you on this regard.

To work in Dubai you should have a valid work permit visa. There are various types of work permit visas.

Dubai work permit visa for private sector

This visa is for those people who wish to work in the private sector. This type of work permit visa is also called as resident visa. This allows a person to reside in the country for 3 years. One should have to fulfil certain work permit criteria in order to be eligible for work permit visa. Some work related documents and medical certificates have to be submitted while apply for a private sector work permit visa.

Dubai work permit visa for public sector

This type of visa will be issued when you are able to provide documents that support the job opportunity. Various types of documents have to be submitted while applying for work permit visa in the public sector.

Short term work visas

You can opt for a short term work permit visa if you are staying in Dubai only for a short while. Duration can vary depending on the type of work you are going to undertake. Documents that have to be submitted to apply for short term visa are subjected to rules and regulations of immigration law.

In Dubai visas are provided depending on the purpose of the visit. Many budding, small and large entrepreneurs can visit the country and start a business there if they have a valid business visa. One should apply for a business visa depending on the type of business relation they are going to keep with the country.

Dubai investor Visa

This type of visa is given to those people who are planning to make an investment in the country. The investor visa allows an individual to stay in the country for three years. One should meet certain eligibility criteria in order to apply for this type of visa. We are able to guide you and assist you in getting a valid business permit visa.

Business partner visa

If an individual have a particular number of shares in a Dubai company, then can apply for a business partner visa. Those who are doing partnership business can apply for a business partner visa. You can apply for this by showing the proof of identity and the proof of share holding certificate.

Business entry visa for UAE

Individuals who have business with UAE companies can have business entry visa. This visa allows them to travel to and fro from Dubai as many times they want. This visa is also known as multiple entry visas. One has to show business proof certificate so as to apply for multiple business entry visa.

We are able to offer many types of visa services as per your requirement. Give a call and fix an appointment.