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Register Company’s Trademark and Give An Identity To Your Business

Those who want to enhance brand name and establish themselves as a reputed business conglomerate should announce their presence in the market with a registered trade name. In the advertising field a trade name can help in enhancing exposure in the business field and to give a tight competition to the counterparts.

Dubaifreezoneprovides all kinds of trademark related services in the UAE. We conduct a UAE trademark search and provide legal opinions on the availability of your preferred Brand name. The exclusive search report and legal opinion will be sent to you within a day. A trademark search is advisable before an application is filed with the Ministry of Economy Office in order to minimize the chances of refusal based on a conflicting registered trade name. We can advise you on the apt trade mark class in which your service or products belongs to and whether the trade mark symbol is able to represent the goods/ services offered by your company in the right way.

To apply for a trade mark you should apply in a specific trademark application form. We are able to assist you in applying for a valid trade mark, once we get your completed requisite form. Trademark can be in the form of words, images, slogan, sound, graphics, colours, or a combination of all.

About the United Arab Emirates Trademark Application Process

  • Filing trade mark application - In UAE, a trade-mark is registered by filing an application with the Ministry of Economy together with relevant fee for each trade mark name applied for. You should apply for a trade-mark that is not yet in use anywhere in the United Arab Emirates.
  • Initial Examination procedure - The trade mark Registry carry out a search for potentially conflicting, closely similar or identical trademarks. If the applied trademark is too similar or identical to already registered ones, then the application will be rejected by the trademark office.
  • Publication - If a trademark application is accepted by the Trademark Registry, then it is published in the Trademark bulletin as well as in two local daily Arabic newspapers at the expense of the applicant. The cuttings of the newspaper notices shall be submitted to the Office.
  • Opposition - Once the trademark is published in the journal, any party who is having any issues with the trademark can file an opposition within 30 days from the last publication date against the registration of the trademark owing to alleged confusion with an existing brand name. If there are no opposition proceedings then the application can be considered for certification.
  • Registration - After the opposition period the Registrar of trademark will issue a Certificate of registration.
  • Renewal - A Registered Trademark is valid for Ten years from the date of application. You can renew it for another 10 years. Renewal can be done during the 10th year. A grace period of three months will be allowed for late renewal with a fine.

In case of any objection, we prepare comprehensive and timely reply to examination report/oppositions of the trademark applications in favour of registration. The trademark registration is valid in all the seven emirates. As trademark is a good marketing tool, it is

Better to register for a trademark. We are happy to assist you in getting a valid trademark for your business.

Trademark Registration FAQs

No, you cannot register all trademarks. A trademark should be new and innovative to get a valid approval. A trademark is considered as new and innovative, only when it is unique.

Service mark – This is a symbol, word, name, image or any combination used to identify and distinguish the services of one provider from the other.

Certification mark – This is a word, symbol, picture, image or any combination used in the commercial space by others with the owner’s permission to certify quality, quantity, mode of manufacture, service, geographical origin or characteristics of goods or services performed by a group or any organization.

Collective mark – This is a type of trademark used by members of a cooperative society or association to identify the group, service or goods.

Trademarks are the only form of intellectual property that can be protected under the federal law. Other forms of intellectual property are patents for inventions and copyrights for protection of literary, dramatic, subject matter works, industrial designs or circuit topographies.

A trademark gives an exclusive ownership of the goods or service and helps ward off potential infringers. It helps in distinguishing your goods or services from the competitors.

By registering a trademark you can enjoy lots of benefits. Some are as follows:-

  • It creates a goodwill
  • Allows to differentiate goods or services from competitors
  • It prevents third parties from using the same or similar name, images etc.

While registering a trademark you have to specify the products or services that are associated with it. There is an international classification for trademarks. There are nearly 45 classes, in which 34 are for products and 11 are for services. Protection will be given only to those products or services that are mentioned at the registration time.

Individuals, companies, partnership businesses, trade unions, law firms etc can register their trademarks.

Various steps are involved in trademark registration. Some steps are:-

Step 1: Trademark search in the Trademark registry to ensure no identical or similar brands have been registered anywhere in the business arena.

Step 2: Filing an application with Intellectual property office.

Step 3: You will get a TM symbol in three days, but have to wait for few months to get ® symbol.

Step 4: Publishing in the trademark journal and waiting for non-objection notification.

Step 5: If there is no opposition, your trade mark will be registered and you will receive trademark certificate.

Step 6: If any opposition is raised, you will get time to withdraw your application, discuss the conflict with the concerned party, or defend the application.

Your trademark is valid for 10 years. After that you can renew it.

No, the registration in one country allows in protecting the rights it in that country only. By registering your trademark with the Trademark office in UAE your intellectual rights will get protection in UAE only. You should contact a trademark agent or embassy of countries where you would like to register a valid trademark.

If there is no objection for your application, then the whole process will take roughly four to one year to complete.