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Free Zone Company Registration in Jebel Ali, UAE

Jebel Ali Free zone established in 1985, as initiated by Sheikh Rashid Bin Saeed Al Maktoum, we are facilitating business platforms to International Companies. Jebel Ali Free zone has tremendously grown from a small free zone with 10 companies into thousands of companies. Jebel Ali Free zone customers grew to 400 in the first decades, with that number increased to thousands of companies. In the past decade, Jafza has achieved large number of customers from different countries.

Today, Jebel Ali Free trade zone is a business setup hub over 110 countries, sustaining over 2,00,000 jobs and attracting more than 25% of the foreign direct investment; all most 60% of Dubai's total exports, with an approximate trade value of $ 75 billion.

Jebel Ali Free zone consistent growth fulfilled our visionary initiatives. Jebel Ali Free zone implemented the largest Customer Relationship Management system in the region, processing of visas, licenses and other services. Jebel Ali Free zone awarded the ISO certification and won the Dubai Government Excellence Program and the Dubai Quality Award.

Jebel Ali Free zone have all type of resources in one place it helps to get suppliers, trade partners and logistics service providers which helps reduce your costs and increase your profits.

Jebel Ali Free zone provides e-services platform it can access customers using usernames and passwords. Each customer will have an administrative user and password to authorized person who can then create additional users within the organization to access the access rights. The Portal is a single window and easy to use and highly secured and providing more than 150 services like Free Zone Registration, License, Administration, On-line Payment services etc.,

Documents Required For All Applicants

Following documents required other than specific document of all applicants:

  • Application form
  • Passport copy of manager
  • Project summary
  • No Objection Certificate from local Sponsor, If UAE resident
  • Environment, Health & Safety Undertaking Letter.

Documents Required For FZE/FZCO

FZE refers to single share holder and FZCO refer to more than one share holder. FZCO formation allows for multiple shareholders.

The share holder can be individual or company and the liability of the company limited to their asset which means personal asset will protect from the liability of the company.

FZE/FZCO Individual

  • Shareholders Business profile
  • Board resolution, attested by Jebel Ali Free zone.
  • Attested Specimen signature of Manager

FZE/FZCO Company

  • Incorporation Certificate duly notarized and attested by UAE embassy
  • MOA duly notarized and attested by UAE embassy
  • AOA duly notarized and attested by UAE embassy
  • Specimen signature of Manager, attested by Jebel Ali Free zone

Documents Required For Branch Offices

A branch means a functional company of a mother company. A legal entity outside Jebel Ali free zone can establish a branch.

Foreign Company Branch

  • Incorporation Certificate duly notarized and attested by UAE embassy
  • MOA duly notarized and attested by UAE embassy
  • Board Resolution or Declaration form duly notarized and attested by UAE embassy
  • Specimen signature of Manager, attested by Jebel Ali Free zone

Local Company Branch

  • UAE License copy
  • MOA and AOA
  • Chamber of Commerce certificate
  • Letter from company to open branch in Jebel Ali Free zone
  • Board Resolution and specimen signature of Manager, attested by Jebel Ali Free zone

Free Zone FAQs

You can choose a free zone depending on the type of business activity you are going to perform there. Some of the free zones that are particularly meant for each activity include

  • Internet city
  • Airport free zone
  • Media city
  • Academic city
  • Knowledge city
  • Outsource zone
  • Multi commodities centre
  • Media production zone
  • Biotech Research Park
  • Auto zone
  • Gold and Diamond park
  • Health care city
  • Industrial zone
  • Financial centre
  • Humanitarian centre
  • Flower centre
  • Maritime centre
  • Logistics centre
  • Creative city

The main capital requirement depends on the type of business activity that you are planning to set up in a Free Zone. Specifications regarding the capital requirement depend up on the Free Zone you select for trading activities.

Choosing a legal form depends on the business type, trading activities, nationality of the owner and the preferred ownership options. Some of the common forms are:-

  • 1. Free Zone establishment (FZE) – Here one single share holder can run the business.
  • 2. Free zone Limited Liability Company (FZ-LLC) – Here the company can be registered with more than one shareholder.
  • 3. Brach office – Any international company can start a branch of their office in the free zone.

The procedures for setting up a company in a free zone are direct and easy to complete. General steps involved in it are as follows.

  • Filling up a general form provided by the Free Zone Authority. This allows in checking the company’s requirements and its mode of operation.
  • Documentation process
  • Submitting a copy of the lease agreement
  • A meeting with the free zone authority to finalize the location and the company registration procedures.
  • Passport copy of shareholder
  • Application form
  • Copy of Memorandum of Association
  • Copy of Article of Association
  • Copy Board Resolution

Normally it will take 3 weeks to finish the whole procedures. If there is any delay in the documentation procedures, then it will take 6 weeks to finish the registration process.

  • Jebel Ali Free Zone Authority
  • Dubai Multi Commodities Centre
  • Dubai Airport Free Zone Authority
  • Dubai World Central

Free zones are attractive as it provides lucrative options to the companies. Some are the following:-Free zones are attractive as it provides lucrative options to the companies. Some are the following:-

  • 100% foreign company ownership
  • 100% repatriation of capital and profits
  • Exemption from all import and export duties
  • No corporate tax
  • No dividend tax
  • Inexpensive energy
  • Legal consultation on free zone company setup
  • Verification of visa and work permit requirements in compliance with Emirates law
  • Identification of the corporate structure that suits current and future business plan
  • Drafting documents, collecting files and managing submissions as per requirement
  • Company Registration Amendments
  • Partnership options for offshore companies, professional companies or branch offices
  • Getting approvals from Free Zones authorities, Ministries and department of planning
  • PR activities
  • Accounts maintenance and auditing
  • Setting up of bank account

Yes, it is mandatory, below are the property options:

  • Flexi Desk
  • Serviced Office
  • Physical Office for lease
  • Physical Office for sale
  • Retail shop space for lease
  • Retail shop space for sale

A Free Zone license will give you 100% ownership of your company and complete control of your business. Incorporating your business in a Free Zone also tends to be a cheaper and easier process.

An advantage of a Non Free Zone setup is that this type of license allows you to freely operate in any area of the UAE. Even though a local Emirati sponsor who would have 51% ownership of your company, certain businesses simply work better with a Non Free Zone license. In other words, when you have a Free Zone license, you are allowed to operate only within that Free Zone but with a Non Free Zone license, you will not be restricted to one area.