Trade Licence in Dubai

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A Valid Dubai Trade License for Starting a New Business

People who are interested in opening a new company in Dubai have to fulfil the trade license requirements. Business of any category should have a valid trade license in Dubai. Documentations and permissions to be granted for a Dubai trade license vary depending on the category of the business. That means for each category of business the approvals are from different government departments.

Types of trade licenses in Dubai

  • Commercial license – This type of license is provided for doing all kinds of trading activities.
  • Professional license – This type of license is given to craftsmen, artisan, professionals and service providers.
  • Industrial license – This type of license is required for establishing manufacturing as well as industrial facilities.

All the above said licenses are issued by the Department of Economic Development (DED). This department is having offices in all major regions for delivering licensing services.

To get a valid trading license the LLC or a free zone company should submit the original documents to the Commercial Registry at the Trade license and Commercial registration Department. Following are the documents to be submitted for a trading license.

  • A license application signed by the company managers or their legal representatives
  • A Memorandum of Association
  • Attested company name approval letter from DED
  • Passport copy of management partners

The commercial registry authorities will check and validate the documents. Then the company name will be added in the commercial registry. The DED will forward the documents to the Federal Ministry of Economy for publication.

After publishing the documents like Memorandum of Association and application entry of the company name, the ministry will issue its approval letter. Upon the completion of the licensing procedures the DED issues the original Trade License and Commercial Registration Certificates.