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Flexible and Quality System Auditing services to organizations in the UAE

A quality system audit helps an organization to determine whether it complies with the defined quality system. The quality system audit forms a key element in ISO 9001 Quality Standard. It is a systematic process of examining the quality system and is carried out by a qualified auditor to ensure that an institution has clearly defined internal system monitoring procedures linked to effective action.

Internal quality systems audits should be formal, and should be planned and organized by competent auditors. We are offering quality System auditing services to all kinds of organizations. Our experienced auditors are able to identify the strength and weakness, and provide corrective measures for all incorrect actions, if needed. It will cost a lot to appoint a permanent auditor in your firm, so it is better to hire an experienced professional auditor who can offer all kinds of auditing assistance as and when it requires?


A quality system audit is being adopted by almost all the industrial sectors and by many firms as an effective method of ensuring its Quality Assurance standards with respect to the Quality Management System. It is applicable to all the process of an organization irrespective of the sector which it operates.

Almost all the sectors have adopted quality system audit as an integral part of their quality improvement program to ensure continuous improvement to attain the business excellence.

  • Quality System Audit compares the documented quality management procedures versus real world practices.
  • It locates deficiencies in Quality Management process.
  • It can identify potential opportunities to eliminate waste.
  • Quality System Audit initiates corrective and preventive action and the remediation of Non conformances.