Business Process Reengineering

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Business Process Reengineering – to enhance Speed, Flexibility and Productivity

Do you think a change is essential to perk up the performance of your existing business? Business process is the way we do our business activities and business process reengineering is the way we make changes in the process so as to accomplish business goals and set new targets. This management tool is used to ensure that the business organizations establish themselves by equipping self sustainability and reliance and there by ultimately paving a strong platform to achieve the pioneer ship in their respective sectors.

Business Process Reengineering can be defined as the analysis and radical redesign of work flows within and between enterprises in order to optimize end to end process and automatic non value added tasks. In another way, it can be stated as the reorganization of an enterprise so as to reduce cost and improve quality of service.

The major objectives of Business Process Reengineering are Speed, Flexibility, Customer focus and Productivity. It identifies the loopholes in the business process along with the root causes and develops a healthy reengineering business model to accomplish success in the highly competitive business arena. This tool is applicable to all the industrial sectors and firms it the world which would like to enhance their performance quality.

The crucial phase in the application of the Business Process Reengineering is in the company’s strategic goal to provide customer oriented service. Another significant factor in implementing Business Process Reengineering is inculcating the culture of people empowerment. To improve people, obviously there should be a favourable organizational culture of imparting training, implementing modern business tools and elimination of unproductive activities.

Some of the characteristics of Business Process Reengineering are process team management, multidimensional work, progress based on performance, cross functional teams and mass customization.

Let us check the various applications of Business Process Reengineering in a business.

It could be implemented in all firms which confront with problems like

  • High operational costs.
  • Low quality of customer service.
  • Higher levels of bottlenecks in work process.
  • Poor performance of middle level managers.
  • Benefits of implementing BPR include:
  • It streamlines the work process and ensures the achievement in betterment of time management, speed and profitability.
  • It helps to identify and prioritize the organizational processes in order to redesign them.
  • Integration of Information processing is realised.
  • Manages decentralized organizational resources as though they were centralized.
  • It connects the parallel activities in the organizational work system.
  • The Business Process Reengineering develops control measures for the processes.

We are pioneers in providing this service in the UAE. With us you can assure quality services that meet international standards. As business is done for achieving expected results, and making progress on the go, you should think about implementing BPR in the organization for the improvement of core competencies like efficiency, customer service quality and the speed of deliveries.