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Business excellence through Business Modelling in Dubai, UAE

Business model is an abstract representation of an organization. It could be a conceptual or textual representation of all interrelated systems and processes developed by an organization for the present business activities as well for the future. It also highlights the core products or services which the organization is offering today or intended to offer in the future. Earlier, financial goals were the only focus of business models, but today corporate culture and business stability have become an integral part of it.

Business Model consists of three components - value proposition, value finance and value network. The first element focuses on the infrastructural and technical architecture of the organization that enables the movement of products, services and information. The value finance part deals with the modelling and information related to total cost ownership, pricing strategy and revenue /expenditure patterns. The last component defines the dimensions of a business model.


The concept could be applied to any firm and in any functional level like Information technology, accounting etc. Any firm wishes to enhance the value of its different dimensional as well as structural implications can adopt a business model design. A variety of models are available like V4BM framework, platform business model etc.

Benefits of developing a business model are:

  • A business model describes the firm’s internal constitution and its relationship to external market factors.
  • It specifies procedural norms and incentive structure to motivate the employees.
  • The business modelling specifies the firm’s boundaries and the transaction it chooses to facilitate across those boundaries.
  • It conditions a firm’s dependencies on jointly controlled resources.
  • Ultimately a business model ensures a firm that a proper way of reengineering framework is designed and implemented to enhance the overall value for a firm’s business excellence.

A proven business model is essential to run a business successfully. You are well aware that any improvement is based on business models in an organization. We are able to assist you in creating business models for all types of business activities in your organization. The work pattern followed by us consists of soliciting data related to the product/process to be modelled followed by an extensive study. We also incorporate application of statistics and other scientific tools, if required. A business model provides foundation for developing a viable business plan that includes its purpose, goals, and various strategies and tactics to achieve it.